Thank you for your interest in donating to Never The Less, Inc.

It costs Never The Less, Inc. $240 to sponsor one At-Risk Teenage Girl for one year. Never The Less, Inc. also welcomes monthly donations to assist with expenses, field trips, etc. Your donation is an investment into the lives of our teen girls. As an investor, you will become part of our mission to give At-Risk Teen Girls a chance for a better future. Please know that ANY donation that you make will make an impact.

Ways to Donate

Make a One-Time Donation

Sponsor a Never The Less Teen Girl for One (1) Year: $240

Sponsor a Never The Less Teen Girl for Six (6) Months: $120

Make a One-Time Donation for Any Amount

Become a Monthly Subscriber

Automatically Make a Monthly Donation to Never The Less

Several Options to Choose From

Discontinue Monthly Subscription at Any Time

You can also Mail or Deliver Your Donation

    • Make Checks Payable: Never The Less, Inc.
    • We welcome and accept:
      • gift cards, supplies, etc.
      • girl toiletries and products
      • bottled water, snacks, and school supplies
    • Send checks to: Never The Less, Inc., 727 Ezzard Charles Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203