501 (C) 3 Non-Profit Organization for At-Risk Teen Girls

Never The Less, Inc.  has a strong passion for community involvement and giving back. We emphasize volunteerism by having the girls participate in and as volunteer at many events as possibles. 

Never The Less, Inc. is a faith based and charitable organization; edifying, empowering, and directing at-risk teen girl. We actively strive to reach and impact the lives of as many teen girls as possible in the Tri-State area.

At Never The Less, Inc we provide an atmosphere conducive to giving at=risk teen girls the tools to building strong relationship skills as they walk into their futures. We instill a firm foundation of communication, critical thinking, and spiritual wisdom to help build healthy relationships with their family and peers. 

Never The Less, Inc. programs are designed to help our young ladies to rediscover their authentic selves and learn how to continue to communicate with others. 

St. Joseph Church

745 Ezzard Charles Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45203



Our Mission

Bond Hill Rec Center

1501 Elizabeth Place
Cincinnati, OH 45237

The Lives We Impact


Christ Emmanuel 252324 May Street 

Cincinnati, OH 45206

  • Girls being Educated, Earning Money and Saving 
  •  Emerging Virtuous Entrepreneurs 
  • Dreams of Endless Possibilities 
  • My Future Looks Bright 
  •  Stay Encouraged My Sister 
Never The Less, Inc.