Never The Less, Inc.

Never The Less, Inc. is a non-profit organization empowering Cincinnati area 7th-12th grade girls through social and emotional education and job readiness.

Our Vision

Increase educational success, social and emotional well-being and job readiness skills to empower self-reliant young women.

Our Programs

The After School Program is a 9-month diversion program for 7th-12th grade girls in the Greater Cincinnati Area that meets every Monday from 5:30-7:30 pm. Students follow a curriculum dedicated to increasing confidence, educational outcomes and job readiness.

Emerging Virtuous Entrepreneurs (E.V.E.) is an Entrepreneurial Program that provides character building, self-esteem, sustainability, and self- sufficiency skills all while learning the fun and skills of becoming an entrepreneur.


If you have a passion to work with at-risk teen girls, we have a need for volunteers, interns and students. Join us!


Register your 7th-12th grader for our After School program or EVE
summer internship.


We depend largely on your donations and in kind gifts to support the girls we serve. Please consider donating!

Our Partners

St. Joseph Catholic Church & School  •  Bond Hill Recreation Center  •  Christ Emmanuel Church